Don’t be forced to move back to the East Coast and write another article about how awful San Francisco is because of the Billionaires! Now is the time to buy in the North Bay.

Now is the time to buy in Benicia and Vallejo with 1 of 11,600 people in San Francisco are Billionaires!


Live in Benicia/ Vallejo commute to SF within an hour!

Did you read the Vox article that  One out of every 11,600 people in San Francisco is a billionaire? VOX 1 in 11,600 people in San Francisco are billionaires!


Where are the people working for those billionaires able to afford homes? Do you know where it is still affordable to live in the San Francisco Bay Area? It’s Vallejo and Benicia! 

As of today, May 9, 2019 there are still 229 homes and condos listed in the BARIES MLS for under a million dollars! The cheapest condo is listed at $195,000 in Vallejo Listing #21909115.   


Vallejo just put in use a new 445 passenger high-speed ferry that will get you from your home in Benicia or Vallejo to your job in San Francisco in an hour! You can check the ferry schedule 
Call me today 707-297-3932 and let’s get you a home in the San Francisco Bay Area before you are priced out.
You might be eligible for some downpayment assistance programs.  Down Payment Resources 
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